Music for Stories Untold © - Film

My energies are currently focused on producing an album of music that is suitable for use in films. The music in this album entitled, Music for Stories Untold© are compositions that I have imagined accompanying narratives and stories. It is music that evokes imagery and a range of emotions. For the most part the music is tonal. There is a rock influence in Rockin Asia Minor© mixed with orchestral. There is a Middle Eastern influence in the piece Libya that is supported at times with orchestral instrumentation. Next Generation© has an epic theme and feel. Transcendence© and Palm Sunday Fanfare© both sound Impressionistic. From a structural standpoint most of the compositions start in one place and end up somewhere else. The same can be said for the melodic and harmonic content. The music is very much based on a stream of consciousness; thematic ideas come to mind, are developed and later journey to some other place. 

In 2006, my wife and I worked in creating a documentary film on a person whose life journey we found compelling and interwoven into the history of Guatemala, and its tumultuous history of tragedy and rebirth. The documentary, "Heaven, Earth, Truth, Justice" has been a struggle to finish due to the turn of events in our lives --moving to Africa n 2006. Although, Helen Mack's story remains largely untold, the songs, For Guatemala© and Helen's Solitude© begin to portray the emotional power of her story.

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