Curriculum Vitae


Jeffrey is a gifted composer and performing musician of classical and jazz music. For several years, his unique talents for composition are applied to a broad variety of styles for film, orchestra, musical theater and jazz ensemble. He has currently produced his first CD of musical works for film: “Music for Stories Untold” available from CD Baby. He performs regularly with the Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra and local jazz ensembles on the French horn.


He highly values like-minded, creative and motivated colleagues with whom to collaborate and create exquisite and inspiring musical art. His capacity to work well with others is integral to his magnanimous and optimistic attitude.

Music Education & Training

  • The Juilliard School, NY, Masters of Music
  • Cleveland Institute of Music, Bachelor of Music
  • Lehman College, NY, Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Canadian Screen Training Centre Ottawa, Canada, Intensive film score composition, Tim McCauley, Instructor
  • Digital Audio Production /Midi Recording Level 2 Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada


Optimistic attitude in facing challenges and bringing practicality and flexibility to problem-solving.

Highly skilled in


Expressive, emotional melodies & motifs; integrating unique harmonic progressions


Original compositions in a wide variety of musical styles.


With producers, directors & partners on content,imagery, timing and pacing, dramatic effect and flow, character development.


Classical and jazz on the French Horn.


Cubase 8 music production software, Sibelius music notation software and Word processing.

Compositions performed live

  • “Music For Stories Untold”. Original Music for Film-CD release-Pretoria, South Africa - Currently in production with concerts being planned for November 2016
  • Jazz Concert - Original Jazz compositions performed at the University of South Africa-Pretoria. May 2014. I participated as composer and performer.
  • “Why The Birds Sing To Me”. Original Musical Theater work. Performed at the Oshwal Center by Aga Khan Academy students in May 2013-Nairobi, Kenya. This was the second production of this work. I participated as composer, lyricist, arranger and musical director.
  • “A Midsummer Nights Dream” by William Shakespeare. Original music composed for Rosslyn Academy’s stage play. Nairobi, Kenya-March 2011
  • “A Cry for Women’s Dignity”. Original Music for Modern Dance. Performed by Valerie Miquel, artistic director of the Uganda National Contemporary Ballet Company, at The National Theater in Kampala, Uganda-November 2011. Most recent performances in September 2015.
  • “The Middle Way - A fusion of Kung Fu and Contemporary Dance”. Original Music for Modern Dance - Performed by the Uganda National Contemporary Ballet Company, and Kung Fu master Dominique Saatenang Uganda-The National Theater in Kampala-June 2010
  • “Why The Birds Sing To Me”. Original Musical Theater-Performed by volunteer actors and singers at Gulu University and The National Theater in Kampala. These were the initial productions of the work. March 2009
  • “Robin Hood of Mabira Forest” Original Musical Theater Comedy-Performed at The National Theater in Kampala-Uganda-December 2008
  • “The Emperor’s New Clothes” Original Musical Theater ComedyPerformed at The National Theater in Kampala Uganda-December 2007

Professional Employment & Experience

  • Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra, 2nd Horn-Present
  • JazzItUp: Jazz Trio performing live in Pretoria, South Africa-Present
  • Tshwane University of Technology, Professor of Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Workshop, Songwriting and Brass Pedagogy-2013-15
  • Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra (substitute Horn)-2013
  • Musical Director, Composer/Arranger - “ Why The Birds Sing To Me”© - a musical drama Performed in Nairobi, Kenya - May 2013
  • Music Teacher Grades 7-11, Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi Kenya-2012-13
  • Member of the Jacob Asiyo Jazz Quartet, Nairobi, Kenya-2011-2013
  • Project Coordinator for the Community Musical Theater Project for N. Uganda, Music Director, Composer/Lyricist, CoProducer/ Writer of “Why The Bird Sings To Me”, a musical theater drama about the twenty-year civil war in Uganda-December 2007-8
  • Music Director and Composer/Arranger for Kampala Amateur Dramatist's Society for the productions of Robin Hood of Mabira Forest-2008 and The Emperor’s New Clothes-2007

Additional Training

  • Banff Jazz Vocal Workshop (Sheila Jordan, instructor) Banff, Canada
  • Banff Center for the Arts, Jazz Instrumental Workshop, (Dave Holland, Joe Lovano, Kenny Werner, instructors) Banff, Canada


  • Improving my skills as a musician, composer and human being
  • Artistic projects that benefit humanity and make the world a better place
  • Music of the masters, Classical and Jazz
  • Great stories, films, songs, books, paintings, architecture
  • Science, Astronomy, Space travel, History, dogs, cats and Nature
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurism