Making great music is like cooking a great dish.

I recently posted some news about my soon-to-be-released album “Music For Stories Untold”©. This will be my first album release. It is music that I have been composing over the past ten-plus years. Needless to say, it has taken a great amount of work getting the music to the point of completion. I suppose that...
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Chord Exercise picture

  Sorry that’s it is so big, I am not sure how to edit out all of the unused part of the page, but download it, or copy and paste it to your desktop if you wish.
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Books I Use to Learn about Jazz theory

I have played music for many years. I studied music at some fine universities and had a decent dose of music theory along the way, or so I thought. One thing that has taken me a while to get my head around is the jazz theory. Below I have listed some of the books that...
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